Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Report on Home Visits by Assistant housing officer – March, April, May 1971

No of home visits = 140
                revisited = 17
As the assistant housing officer was in attendance at the Glasgow Overspill Exhibition in Glasgow for 6 weeks, visiting during this period was not possible. This has meant that tenants have not been visited quite so soon after the arrival in the town as they would otherwise have been.
The new Tenants’ Handbook has provided quite a good deal of local information which, up to the present time, the Assistant Housing officer has been giving to tenants.  It was found in almost every case that a good neighbourly spirit has helped newcomers to settle down quite quickly.
Information about social activities has been given although this has been difficult because the list is presently being revised and will be presented in booklet form. Tenants have been referred to Mr Aldous if they require information about particular clubs or societies.

These flats in Holbart Street, Craigshill, are a typical example
of Livingston Development Corporation
built housing of the 1960s and 1970s.

Criticism has been made about lack of express bus services to enable men to obtain employment in Glasgow or its environs during the present jobless situation in the town: litter in Beech Grove - it would appear that the bin stores can be opened by children and once opened the rubbish sacks provided a happy hunting ground for dogs: the noise from warm air heating fans in the Burbank area is still being mentioned – tenants have been told that experiments are being carried out to try to alleviate this.

A considerable amount of time was spent with one tenant who had arrived here with very little in the way of furniture and who is a very sick woman. After giving support during the initial settling in period, the tenant’s had to be handed over to the Social Work Department for their professional expertise.
Two warning systems were ordered for elderly persons – they were delighted to have this form of reassurance.
Several tenants who have expressed the desire to help the community in a practical way have been passed on to various organisations.


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