Thursday, 20 June 2013

Housing Visitors Report for the month ending 31st March 1973

Ladywell, Howden, Barclayway.

[Tenant] [address] This tenant came at the beginning of the month. They have had difficulties over unpaid bills at their previous address. He was educated at a ‘Backward School’ and is ready to accept advice and help; his wife gets into a panic when confronted with things she cannot cope with. They have been given help with their rent rebate, furniture and taken to the SSEB Bathgate to arrange weekly payments (of their electricity bills). They are also paying rent on a weekly basis for the time being. He is now working regularly, but it will require friendly visits until a routine of paying bills is established. They have also had assistance with clothing.

[Tenant] [address] This young couple of six children, the eldest of whom is six. He frequently changes his job involving ‘lie-time’ which gives them no chance to budget on a regular basis. The family is known to the SWD, there are rent arrears, and although visits seem indicated, she is showing opposition to this.

[Tenant] [address] This woman is separated from her husband and coping with her family herself. She is in a very depressed state, mainly because her daughter is in a home being a Spastic/Epileptic and only capable of leading a vegetable existence. There is a teenage daughter unsettled at her work and causing her mother concern. There is a younger daughter who is again not attending school regularly, but I have the feeling that this has the mother’s approval, for some reason. She wants to bring her daughter home to stay, but this seems totally impracticable because of the girl’s health and [the tenant’s] health. I am of the opinion it would cause further disruption between the girls. It would seem a better solution to have the eldest daughter transferred to a Home nearer at hand where her mother could visit her oftener and the St Vincent De Paul are making moves in this direction.  

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