Monday, 8 April 2013

Housing visitors’ Report for October 1972

Livingston was proud of its ability to attract industry,
but many still found it hard to find work. This image is
from Cameron Iron Works on Houstoun Industrial estate.
When it was built the iron works had the largest iron press
in Europe.

Again it was noted that the new tenants visited seem to be settling well, and that they are in employment, have furniture, and seem to be able to cope with the expense and problems of moving here.
The mood in town is that the employment situation is improving and I have noted a few men who have been able to gain employment here within a few weeks of coming to the town.
Since the current intake to Ladywell is financially ‘better off’ than that of last year, the problem of garage lets has been raised to me a few times by the new tenants.
Howden Park – since the opening of the Arts Centre, Howden House is often locked up during the day, and children who come to play in the park now have no toilet facilities available to them.

Livingston was constantly expanding. Many new schemes
had events to celebrate the work - this is an image from the
ceremony that began ALmondvale Bridge, which links
north and south Livingston

Knightsridge – people in Kr seem ready to grab any passing LDC official and pump for information as they know very little about the area (i.e. Kr not the town as a whole). Mostly, they do not have family or friends in the town (was this known?) and the general feeling is that it is an area where ‘people keep themselves’ – although everyone says this. They would all be very glad, they say, of a place to meet, and I think a notice board available to these tenants would be a boon as they are finding contacts, both with those who can help them, and with themselves, a problem. Can any facility be provided Kr this winter?
Note:  in addition to the visits or the returns, there were 76 visits to pensioners in Deans for the garden survey.

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