Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Report on Home Visits by Assistant housing officer – Tenancies commencing Dec 1970

No of home visits = 141
                revisited = 19
 The name of one elderly person was notified to the Secretary of the Livingston Old People’s Welfare Council.
One lady expressed the wish to help in the delivery of Meals on Wheels and also to visit an elderly person. Three people volunteered to help with work at Craig’ Farm. These offers of help have been passed to the agencies concerned.
On several visits, it was found that the tenant (and/or his wife) had given up jobs on moving to Livingston and have been unable to find employment. There are danger signs with one or two families and they will be revisited during February to assess the latest position. Young people are still finding difficulty in obtaining work. A call at the Department of Employment confirmed the fact that jobs are extremely scarce.
Visits to the Ladywell area proved to be much more time consuming that visits nearer the centre of the town. Tenants were eager to know everything there is to know about the facilities provided in the town and the activities. Mothers are still anxious about the schooling as it appears that even with the new school due to open in Howden in the near future, children from the same family will go to different schools at Primary level. The transport problem causes much worry to parents in the Sedgebank-Ryebank area. The service bus does not always arrive and the children are late for school.
Complaints have been few from tenants in Ladywell – no condensation problems reported from this area. However, tenants in Burbank complain of excessive noise from Potterton Warm Air Heating Units. The level of noise is not acceptable – it interferes with enjoyment of radio and television and causes unnecessary irritation in families.
Bison flats visited brought the usual complaints of dampness – these were all reported to the District Office.

Public Artwork was integrated into
many of Livingston's new housing areas

Stray dogs are once again causing a nuisance in the town.
A post card conveying the good wishes of the Development Corporation and offering to revisit homes is now being left at houses where the tenant is out when a call is made.
February 1971.

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